Excellence with Equity 

  • The primary goal of Asheville City Schools is to ensure the success of all students.  This can and will be accomplished when we consider the wide range of learners with each classroom.  By strengthening core instruction and building upon teacher expertise, Asheville City Schools is progressing towards its goal of Excellence with Equity.  To help accomplish this goal, Asheville City Schools has entered a three-year partnership with Integrated Comprehensive System (ICS) for Equity to delve deeper into the history of inequities in education and to work together to address inequities in our schools.  2017-2018 was year one of our three-year partnership.

    In January 2017, each school created an Equity Leadership Team comprised of the school principal, support staff, parents and middle/high school students.  School teams are responsible for leading the module work at the individual school site. Over the course of 2017-2018, school teams determined core beliefs, examined identity development and created equity non-negotiables.  During the 2018-2019 school year, Equity Leadership Teams will continue to collaborate with ICS as we work through Module 2: Shift From Deficit to Asset-Based Thinking, Language and Practice as well as Module 3: Equity Begins With Us - Identify Development for System Changes.  

    Additionally, both school and district leaders will enter into their second year of professional development with Dr. Chance Lewis.  Dr. Lewis is the Carol Grotnes Belk Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Urban Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His work with culturally relevant leadership and pedagogy fully aligns to Asheville City Schools’ Integrated Comprehensive System (ICS) Equity Work and the Asheville City Schools Pre-K through 12th Grade Instructional Framework.  Entitled Excellence with Equity:  Culturally Responsive Leadership, his professional development sessions aid the district’s approach to eliminate inequities and examine resource alignment.  Through his discussions, Dr. Lewis is providing evidence-based methodologies with immediate practical applications at both the school and classroom level thanks to his book study of An Educator’s Guide to Working with African American Students.  Every administrator in attendance has received a copy of his work that will be carried out through the 2018-2019 school year. Indeed, his professional development sessions are providing tools and strategies to ensure equitable learning environments for all students in Asheville City Schools.


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