• Asheville City Schools Human Resources Team


    Dr. Mark Dickerson

    Dr. Mark Dickerson, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, 828.350.6123 

    Contact For:

    • Approving Candidates
    • Employee Relations
    • Resignations


     Kim Dechant

    Dr. Kimberly Dechant, Director of Recruitment and Induction, 828.350.6140

      Contact For:

    • Teacher Recruitment and Retention
    • Beginning Teacher Coordinator
    • College and University Liaison
    • Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
    • National Board Certification
    • NCEES (Teacher Evaluation System)
    • Student Teachers
    • Training Volunteers
    • Employee Recognition Events 
    • Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year Coordinator



    Angela Franklin, Human Resources Specialist, 828.350.6164

      Contact For:

    • Employment Background Checks
    • Job Listings/Website Postings, Removals, and Updates
    • Process Pre-Employment Paperwork
    • Staffing Recommendations/Frontline (Applitrack)
    • Service Contracts (Temporary Employment)
    • Extended Employment Contracts
    • ID Badges/Coding (Mondays 3 pm - 4 pm)


    Lisa Bishop, Human Resources Legal/Risk Management Specialist, 828.350.6138

    Contact For:

    • Workers' Compensation
    • Liability Insurance (Students/Athletes- Volunteers-Visitors and Workers' Compensation)
    • Board Policy and ACS Policy Manuel Updates
    • Limited Liability Claims
    • Subpoenas/Legal Matters


    Wendy Hensley

    Wendy Hensley, Human Resources Personnel Specialist, 828.350.6136

      Contact For:

    • Retirement
    • FMLA
    • Leave Request Documents
    • Disability
    • Licensure
    • Licensure Renewal/Verification
    • Salary/Payroll Authorizations
    • Reports and Data Requests
    • Teacher and Administrative Contracts


    Karena Haynes

    Karena Haynes, Human Resources Receptionist, 828.350.6137

    Contact For:

    • General Inquiries/Requests
    • Scheduling HR Meetings
    • Scheduling Exit Interviews
    • Sending Certified Letters/Copy Request



    **Employment verification:

        Please send forms to payroll@acsgmail.net or call

        Rebecca Harris at 828-350-6102.