• Welcome to SILSA and Your 9th Grade Year!

    We wanted to provide you some initial information for the coming year. Click on the pages to the left to meet your teachers through welcome videos and get how-to videos and helpful links for starting the school year.

    Helpful Hints for the First Day and Week (and beyond) -

    1. We know the start of this year will be a little crazy. Please have patience. We know you are trying your best as we get started. We will not leave anyone behind!
    2. We will be regularly touching base with you, but please communicate with us the minute you need help. It is easier to solve problems when they first appear and will be less stressful in the long run.
    3. Don’t give up! There will be time built into your days and weeks for us to be helping you move forward, but keep pushing for yourself also.
    4. Please start now getting in the habit of checking your school email once a day. There will be a lot of information coming your way throughout the year.
    5. Please be flexible with us as we are also learning the best ways to support you this year. Know that we will always be trying to do right by you!

    Supply List - To start our year, we will be completing all work digitally. There are no expectations for purchasing specific school supplies at this time, other than a suggestion to have paper and pencil nearby when doing your work if it helps to write things out for writing and math work.