• The Asheville Primary School Campus

    Asheville Primary School

    Asheville Primary is a Montessori Public school in the Asheville City Schools District serving Pre-K through fourth grade students and their families. It is also home to the Asheville City Schools Preschool Program and the community based Play and Learn Program.

    All programs contain multi-age class groupings. The Montessori classes use the methods of Maria Montessori to help students meet the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Content Standards. The Preschool classes use The Creative Curriculum to help students become Kindergarten ready. All teachers hold or are seeking North Carolina licensure. In addition to that, the Montessori teachers hold or are obtaining Montessori certification.

    Currently, there are Early Childhood Montessori classes (Ages 3-6), Lower Elementary Montessori classes (Ages 6-9), and an Upper Elementary classroom (launched with 4th grade in Fall 2021). The Asheville City School Preschool program has classrooms at Asheville Primary and off site at Hall Fletcher Elementary Isaac Dickson Elementary, Ira B. Jones Elementary, and Lucy S. Herring Elementary. 

    The Montessori and Preschool Programs both benefit from Student Support services, an Enrichment Team and The Learning Commons (Library). Student Support Services include the School Nurse, School Counselor, Exceptional Children’s services, and a School Social Worker. The Enrichment Team consist of classes in Art, Music, Media/STEM, and Physical Education.


  • Mission: We prepare children to be kind, proactive critical thinkers, and problem solvers who positively impact their communities now and in the future.

    Vision: We create intentionally designed environments to empower children to develop their initiative and guide their own learning.