• The Learning Commons

    The Asheville Primary School Learning Commons is a shared research, reading and project based learning environment. The Learning Commons is a place where traditional sources of information are enhanced by current digital technology. In the Learning Commons students, parents, staff, and the community can interact with the content, the technology, the space and each other to foster learning, communication, and creativity. We look forward to the evolvement of the traditional library into a 21st Century information hub for the school.

    What to expect in the Learning Commons:

    • People will be actively engaged in various projects/activities in the area.
    • The facility will be arranged to allow independent, small group, and whole class use.
    • Traditional and modern sources of information will be available.
    • Individuals/classes may visit the library on an “as need” basis.
    • The Media Specialist will collaborate with staff to facilitate the learning of all students.
    • The library collection is managed by Follett Destiny library management system.
    • Furniture is designed to accommodate flexible seating.
    • Students will visit the library frequently to check out books. Parents may also visit with their child as they have in the past.
    • Students will learn how to check out, check in and shelve the materials they borrow.
    • As the Learning Commons expands, the school community will be informed through the school’s media outlets. 

    Tips for helping your child:

    • Encourage your child to independently select books to check out and read at home.
    • Help you child establish a designated routine of returning the library materials that are borrowed.
    • Spend time reading with your child.
Last Modified on June 11, 2019