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  • Do I need to request a bus for my child? You only need to fill out a new request IF you are a rising  Kindergarten, Sixth or Ninth Grade student, have an address change OR you are requesting a bus for the first time (new to the district).

     To request school bus transportation for your child, please complete the ACS Transportation Request Form. Allow a minimum of 3-5 school days for processing. A new request must be submitted for the 2021-2022 School Year only IF any of these apply to your family.

    Please Note: Students will only be allowed to ride a bus to addresses/contacts listed in their Power School Accounts. Any stops made, that are not to and from the student’s home, to approved ACS daycares or programs are subject to available space/capacity on that bus. Any stops, including daycares, where students are not domiciled, will not be assigned during the first ten days of school OR until ALL in district students have been placed and bus capacity audits are completed.

    Every new request completely overwrites a previous request. Please make sure both AM and PM requests are complete. If your address has changed, you will need to contact your student's school to update that address before requesting a bus.

    Students who do not ride after ten days, or ten consecutive days, are removed from the bus assignments and will need to request an updated assignment. 

    We do not have placeholders on buses due to capapcity and displacing an active student. 

     Student Transportation Request Form



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