• Leslie Blaich


     Ms. Leslie

    Leslie Blaich graduated from Warren Wilson College with a degree in Elementary Education. Since, she has served as a K-2 teacher at Isaac Dickson Elementary, taught abroad in Samoa, and obtained her Master's degree in Global and International Citizenship Education from the University of York, England. She was selected as Teacher of the Year by her Dickson colleagues in 2016 and became a Certified Mindfulness Instructor in 2019. It is with much excitement that she began her Elementary I Montessori training this Summer just before joining the APS community. When not teaching and learning with children, families, and colleagues, she loves to go on walks, swim in rivers and oceans, travel (maybe again someday), observe nature, read, and relax. Though it has been a bit unsettling to change paths during a global pandemic, Leslie is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the Asheville Primary School community and is proud to be a part of PUBLIC Montessori.