The Daily Innovator

  • The Daily Innovator Team creates, distributes, and manages the daily video announcements at Montford North Star.  As a member of this team, you will develop a variety of media production skills. You will learn about the care and maintenance of digital production tools, the use of iPads and computers to create digital audio and video productions, and the technical aspects of audio and video post-production and distribution through our school network. You will be the leaders in the production and distribution of our daily school announcements. In addition, you will be leaders in teaching other MNSA students about how to produce audio, video, and animations using the iPad. This is a serious job that requires committed students. We will learn a lot about digital production and have a lot of fun on the Daily Innovator Team.  To apply, please answer the questions below and remember that you will need follow the conditions of our student contract and MNSA Student Honor Code to maintain a place on the team.

    To apply to be part of the Daily Innovator Team please complete this online form.

    Daily Innovator Application