• Mathematics Department

    The Mathematics Department is committed to the success of each student in high school, higher education and the world of work.  Students are encouraged to take as many math courses as they can handle successfully. The department offers Advanced Placement level courses in Statistics and Calculus for motivated students who would like to earn college credit while in high school.  Appropriate technology, which may include manipulatives, calculators and application software, is used regularly in all math courses for instruction and assessments.



    The minimum math sequence for all students pursuing a Future Ready Core diploma is NC Math I, NC Math II, NC Math III, AND a 4th math course aligned with the student’s post-secondary plans.  Students entering high school with credit in one or more of these courses should strive to complete four additional math courses, including one math course during his/her senior year.  Students who are undecided about their post-secondary plans should take the most rigorous sequence in which they can be successful.