• World Language Department

    Chinese, French, and Spanish are offered to students wishing to communicate effectively with other members of our ever-shrinking global society. Students learn about different languages and cultures, while at the same time acquiring better study skills, absorbing more comprehensive knowledge of English grammar, and fulfilling requirements for college entrance.  Students demonstrate competency in the areas of reading and listening comprehension, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.  It is recommended that students take levels I & II of a language in consecutive semesters.  All level I courses include a rigorous comprehensive assessment (reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar) designed to evaluate student readiness for level II.



    Students are not explicitly required to take a world language for high school graduation; however, levels I & II of the same world language are required to meet the minimum requirements for admission to UNC colleges and universities.  Level III is also strongly recommended by these institutions.  

    If a student chooses World Language as their concentration, they must earn four (4) credits in this area, including successful completion of one level II course.