• Dear Families,

    It is with great honor that I welcome all new students to the high school program. Asheville City Schools has numerous curriculum opportunities to offer our students. We encourage each student to review these opportunities and take advantage of participating in highly-engaged, rigorous courses during their high school years. Our goal is to prepare students for high school, college, career, and workforce experiences.

    It is vitally important that each student is aware of high school graduation requirements. We encourage you to review your child’s schedule and discuss all required and elective courses. Next, students should meet with his/her counselor frequently each school year. Creating a four-year plan to graduate high school and considering all future options is imperative. We challenge each student to be responsible, engaged learners who attend class, complete all assignments, attend study sessions, and do their best to achieve success. In Asheville City Schools, we promote global, lifelong learners to be productive citizens.

    I wish each student the very best year in Asheville City Schools. 

    Dr. Patterson

    Educationally yours,

    Dr. Denise Q. Patterson