• Exceptional Children Department

    The Exceptional Children Department Programs provide students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with opportunities for academic and elective success in the least restrictive environment.  Programming is based on a student-by-student basis, geared to the student’s specific needs in each classroom setting.  The majority of students in the program(s) are served in the regular classroom with support from Exceptional Children Department teachers and staff.

    Additional programs include the following:

    Occupational Course of Study (OCS) 

    Student enrollment in the Occupational Diploma Program provides students with school and community-based hands-on employment and job training. The program provides academic support and prepares the student for full time employment after graduation from high school. Students completing the program receive a North Carolina High School Diploma and leave high school with skills to enter the workplace. Students also can apply to attend a community college after graduation.

    English Requirements:

    9210BX01: English I

    9211BX01: English II

    9212BX01: English III

    9213BX01: English IV

    Math Requirements:

    9220BX01: Intro to Mathematics

    9225BX01: NC Math I

    9222BX01: Financial Management


    9231BX01: Applied Science

    9232BX01: Biology I

    Social Studies:

    9247BX01: American History I

    9248BX01: American History II

    Career Technical Education

    4 Courses

    Health and Physical Education:

    9th Grade Health & PE

    Prep Courses: *

    9240BX01: Prep I (1 credit)

    9241BX01: Prep II (2 credits)

    9242BX01: Prep III (2 credits)

    9243BX01: Prep IV (1 credit)

    *if a student transfers into OCS graduation program, they can substitute these courses with electives as long as they have required unpaid or paid employment.

    Employment Hours: *

    150 hours school based

    225 unpaid community-based job training

    225 paid competitive employment

    *paid competitive employment can substitute for unpaid & school based

    Art Course:

    1 art course


    Students are required to take all NC Final Exams and End of Course in courses in which there is such requirement.  These exams count as 20% of the student’s final grade.


    Extend Course of Study (Life Skills)

    Students are enrolled in the Life Skills program as a result of the IEP team’s decision.  Students enrolled in Extend Course of Study receive hands on support and modifications that provide the greatest opportunity for success. Successful completion of the program culminates with a North Carolina High School Graduation Certificate.


    9310AX01: English I

    9311AX01: English II

    9312AX01: English III

    9313AX01: English IV


    9324AX01: NC Math IA

    9325AX01: NC Math IB

    9322AX01: Financial Management

    9323AX01: Math IV

    9231AX01: Applied Science

    9331AX01: Biology


    9340AX01: Social Studies I

    9341AX01: Social Studies II

    9342AX01: Social Studies III

    9343AX01: Social Studies IV

    9240AX01:  Prep I

    9241AX01:  Prep II

    9242AX01:  Prep III

    9243AX01:  Prep IV