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  • 2019 Move More Month
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    Move More Month

    • As we kick off Move More Month this April, look for ways you can get more active throughout
      your day. Make every move count: #HealthyforGood
    • As one of the most effective ways to lower chances of heart disease, physical activity leads to
      better brain health, sleep, memory and overall quality of life. Find out why being active is so
      important for your health and wellbeing, #HealthyforGood
    • Even small bouts of physical activity improve health, so find more ways to move
    • Move More Month is part of the American Heart Association’s Healthy for Good™
      movement, which inspires people everywhere to make lasting changes in their health
      and their lives, one small step at a time. #HealthyforGood
    • April is the perfect time to examine your personal exercise routine and make any adjustments
      needed. #HealthyforGood
    • Move More Month can help you get started on the right path and is a good reminder that a
      healthy lifestyle is a daily effort. #HealthyforGood
    • Small choices, made each day, add up to better your health.

    10 Ways to Move More While at Work

    1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can, for at least a floor or two.
    Once that gets easier, add another floor. #HealthyforGood
    2. Instead of using the breakroom or restroom closest to your workstation, use one farther
    away, maybe even on another floor – and take the stairs each time you go. #HealthyforGood
    3. If you sit at a desk, make it a habit to stand up every time you make or answer a phone
    call. March in place or pace in a circle to keep moving.
    4. Stuck on a long call or need an energizing break? Stand up and do some basic strength
    and balance exercises, like squats, desk push-ups, wall sits, calf raises, tree pose and
    chair pose. #HealthyforGood
    5. Keep small hand weights or a resistance band at your desk for bicep curls, lateral raises,
    rows, and overhead presses. Watch demos online or work with a fitness trainer to make
    sure you’re doing exercises correctly to avoid injury.
    6. Walk to a coworker’s desk or office to talk instead of using email, IM or the phone. The
    personal interaction is a bonus! #HealthyforGood
    7. Join or start a recreational sports league at your workplace.
    8. Form a walking club or team to walk together at work and raise money for charity events
    like a Heart Walk in your area. #HealthyforGood
    9. Schedule walking meetings for informal discussions and brainstorming. Use a voice
    memo app on your phone to capture notes. You may find you’re more creative on your
    feet! #HealthyforGood

    10. Get off the bus or train a few blocks early and walk the rest of the way to work or home.
    If you drive to work, park as far away from the entrance as you can. #HealthyforGood