Question: Is there a charge for connecting to the internet through the school's wifi?

    Answer: Internet access is provided free of charge, to support instruction. FREE WIFI!


    Question: Will there be insurance available for parents to purchase to provide protection in case of theft or damage?

    Answer: Asheville City Schools has arranged for Worth Ave Group to offer a special rate for personally-owned devices. This is optional and other insurance is also available. Asheville City Schools is not liable for damage to personally-owned devices, see https://my.worthavegroup.com/ashevillenc.


    Question: Will there be a place to secure and store devices at school?

    Answer: Students will be responsible for securing and storing their own devices (each school will determine procedures for assisting students with storage). Student-owned devices should not be left unattended or stored at school overnight.


    Question: Will school personnel help troubleshoot or repair my BYOT Device?

    Answer: School personnel will help you with the basics of joining the school wireless network. It is each user's responsibility to know how to use and maintain the BYOT Device. School personnel are not permitted to make system, configuration, software or hardware changes to your BYOT Device.


    Question: What software do I need on my child’s computer?

    Answer: The most important item you can provide for your child’s device is Anti-virus software. Computer viruses on unprotected devices are the most common issue encountered on student-owned devices. There are free Anti-virus software programs, such as AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials in addition to many products that require a paid subscription (MacAfee, Norton, etc.). Note: many new computers come with free TRIALS of software. Please ensure your child’s device is protected past the trial period.

    Other software that will be useful include the Google Chrome web browser, Google Drive and the, ability to access Canvas and PowerSchool.


    Question: Will students have access to a computer if their student owned device is unavailable (student forgets to bring it to school or it is in need of repair)?

    Answer: At the high school, there will be a limited number of laptops available at school for use as loaners. It is imperative a student bring his or her laptop to school every day. No lesson or learning activity will require a digital device unless a school device is available. Lack of participation in Bring Your Own Technology will not exclude any student from accessing the curriculum.


    Question: How does the school protect my student from unsavory internet content?

    Answer: First and foremost, we educate students about making good choices regarding internet use. We use the Common Sense Media internet safety curriculum toolkits to guide this instruction. It is very important that families discuss expected behavior on the internet. We recommend that parents talk with their students about their online activities on a regular basis.

    Asheville City Schools is fully compliant with the Children's Internet Protection Act and filters all internet content to remove access to pornography, hate crime, extreme violence, hacking tools, games, entertainment and other non-instructional content. No filter is perfect.

    Students that actively evade the internet filter are in breach of our Responsible Use Agreement and will receive consequences for the violation.

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