To log in as a guest and review our School Improvement Team Plan and progress, follow this link to Indistar and use the following as a guest login and password: 

    Username: Guests18471 Password: Guests18471

    Montford North Star Academy's School Improvement Team meets on the first Monday of each month. 

    Our current School Improvement Team members are:

    Principal Shannon Baggett

    Assistant Principal Miranda Wheeler

    SIT Chair Gretchen Ross

    6th Grade Representative Samantha Covalt

    7th Grade Representative Craig Shimer

    8th Grade Representative Victoria Allen

    Electives Representative Jacob Ocegueda

    Exceptional Children's Representative Latonya Best

    Equity and Inclusion Representative Gretchen Ross

    Library and Technology Representative Jeanne Morris

    Counseling Representative Ashley Grant

    Community/Parent Representative Michelle Berzack