• Welcome to the 9th Grade Counseling Page

    AHS 9th Grade Info Packet 2019-2020

    College Planning Timeline: Freshman Year

    • Build strong academic, language, mathematics and critical thinking skills by taking challenging courses.
    • Study hard and get excellent grades, Your transcript begins now.
    • Strengthen your vocabulary by increasing your reading.
    • Browse through college literature or browse the internet to get an idea of what kinds of schools may be of interest to you.  Collegeboard Big Future is a great website to help begin the college search.
    • Get involved!  Find an extracurricular activity that you are passionate about and stick with it.  Colleges look for involvement and commitment.  They go hand in hand.
    • Start a file to keep track of your extracurricular involvement dates (offices held) as well as any awards or internships you may have.  This will serve you well when you are filling out college and scholarship applications in just a few short years.
    • If you go on a summer vacation or have time during school vacations, make sure to visit a college or two in the area.
    • Start saving for college and look into financial aid opportunities if you have not already started.