• Please see the various resources below which detail all you need to know about graduation requirements. 

    6 Year Plan: Use the ACS 6 Year Plan worksheet to help you plan which classes you would like to take throughout high school to fulfill your graduation requirements, meet  your needs, and explore your interests.

    AHS/SILSA Graduation Requirements - click here for printable document

    Graduation Requirements: 28 total credits including...

    Subject Area Required # of Credits

    Course Options

    English 4
    • English I (standard or honors level)
    • English II (standard or honors level)
    • English III (standard or honors level)
      or AP Language and Composition
    • English IV (standard or honors level)
      or AP Literature
    Math 4
    • Math I (standard or honors level)
    • Math II (standard or honors level)
    • Math III (standard or honors level)
    • 4th Math (Pre-Calculus Honors, AP Pre-Calculus, Math 4 (standard only), Discrete Math for Computer Science (honors only), AP Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics)
    • AP Calculus is also available as a higher level math option.
    *Social Studies 4
    • World History (standard or honors level)
    • Civic Literacy (standard or honors level) or AP Government 
    • American History (standard or honors level)
      or AP US History
    • Economics and Personal Finance (standard or honors level)
    Science 3
    • Earth/Environmental Science (standard or honors level)
    • Biology I (standard or honors level)
    • One of: Chemistry, Physics or Physical Science
    Required Electives 3
    • 9th Grade Health and PE
    • 1 Art Credit
    • 1 CTE Credit
    • CPR Certification (no credit awarded)

    Additional important information:

    *New Social Studies
    For students entering high school beginning in the 2021-2022 school year and beyond:

    1. World History
    2. Founding Principles of the United States of America and North Carolina: Civic Literacy
    3. Economics and Personal Finance
    4. American History

    World Language
    There is no World Language requirement for graduation.
    Two credits of the same World Language are required for admission into a 4-year college or university.

    Please reach out to your school counselor with any questions.