• Speech and Language Services

    Speech-language pathologists in Asheville City Schools serve students with mild to severe disabilities in the following areas: articulation, language, voice/resonance and fluency (stuttering).

    Students with articulation concerns may omit, substitute, or distort certain speech sounds. Students with language disorders may have a limited vocabulary or difficulty with grammar, auditory memory, and phonemic awareness. Students with fluency disorders may stutter, frequently repeat words, and/or prolong words. Voice/resonance disorders may include students who have chronically hoarse voice quality; pitch and intensity issues; and/or resonance problems.

    Depending on the student's needs, speech-language services are provided in the classroom and/or in a quieter environment with fewer students.


    School Language Pathologists:


    Robin Lindsay 



    Todd VanGiesen 



    Karli Toothman 



    Nicole Chamberlin 



    Brooks Hazelton 






    Friday, October 22, 2021  5:41:34 AM