• NC Career Pathways by Cluster

    Career clusters are groups of occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills. Each cluster contains several smaller groups called career pathways that connect to educational programs, industries, and careers.

  • Courses Offered at Asheville High/SILSA

    *= Concentrator Course (A student who is a completer in a pathway has accumulated a minimum of 2 course credits in a specific pathway within a cluster).  


    Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources    

         Sustainable Agriculture Pathway:

         Sustainable Agriculture Production I 

         Sustainable Agriculture Production II* 


         Other Courses Offered:

         Animal Science I

         Agriscience Applications


    Architecture and Construction

          Interior Design Pathway:

          Interior Design Fundamentals


    Arts, AV Technology, & Communications      

         Adobe Academy Pathway:

         Adobe Visual Design I

         Adobe Visual Design II*

         Adobe Video Design*


         Apparel and Textile Production

         Apparel 1

         Apparel 2 Enterprise


         Digital Design and Animation/Game Art Design Pathway:

         Digital Design and Animation I

         Digital Design and Animation II*

         Game Art Design*     


    Business Management & Administration 

         Entrepreneurship Pathway:

         Entrepreneurship I

         Entrepreneurship II*


         General Management Pathway:

         Business Essentials (Prerequisite) 

         Business Management I

         Business Management II*


    Health Science 

         PLTW Biotechnology Research and Development Pathway:

         PLTW Principles of Biomedical Sciences (Prerequisite) 

         PLTW Human Body Systems

         PLTW Medical Interventions*


         Healthcare Professional Pathway:

         PLTW Human Body Systems 

         Health Science I 

         Health Science II*


    Hospitality & Tourism    

         Culinary Arts Applications Pathway:

         Culinary Arts and Hospitality (Prerequisite)

         Culinary Arts and Hospitality II APP

         Culinary Arts and Hospitality III*


         Sport and Event Marketing Pathway:

         Sport and Event Marketing I

         Sport and Event Marketing II*


    Human Services 

         Early Childhood Development and Services Pathway:

         Child Development

         Early Childhood Education I*


         Food and Nutrition Pathway:

         Food and Nutrition I

         Food and Nutrition II*


    Information Technology    

         AP Computer Science Pathway:

         AP Computer Science Principles

         AP Computer Science*


         Other Courses Offered:

         PLTW Computer Science Essentials Honors

         PLTW Cybersecurity Honors     


    Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security 

         Firefighter Technology Pathway:

         Firefighter Technology I

         Firefigther Technology II*


    Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math   (STEM)              

         PLTW Engineering Pathway:

         PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design

         PLTW Principles of Engineering 

         PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture*