• New for this year! Painted Senior parking spots!


    The Process

    1. Register for and purchase student parking permit
    2. Purchase a parking space reserved for painting
    3. Submit design to Mrs. Powell in person by August 13, 2021.
    4. Once the design has been reviewed, a note will be sent to the email address applicants include on the design acceptance form indicating if the design is approved, unacceptable, or if any changes need to be made
    5. Students will pick-up approved designs and parking permits from Mrs. Powell in the bookkeeper’s office (room 210) on August 17 or 18, 2021 between 8 AM-3 PM.
    6. Students will paint their parking spot under school supervision on August 19 and/or 20, 2021 between 8 AM-1 PM.


    Requirements to Paint Your Parking Spot

    • Only Senior students who have received a current student parking permit are eligible
    • Students must pay an additional $50 to be able to paint their parking space; this fee is separate from the $50 student parking permit fee
    • Senior parking spot design must be pre-approved by school administration
    • Spaces must be painted over with flat black, latex, exterior paint on Friday, May 22 or a $50 fee will be applied at graduation check out
    • Painting may only take place on August 19 and/or 20, 2021 between 8 AM-1 PM under school supervision
      • Additional supervised time may be requested
      • Spots painted outside of scheduled times will be painted over


    What to Bring on Painting Day

    • Check-in upon arrival with admin-signed/approved parking spot design form and receipt for payment of senior painted parking spot fee
      • Students who do not have their admin-signed/approved parking spot design form with them will not be allowed to paint
    • Flat, latex, exterior paint (water-based paint)
      • no oil-based paints
      • no reflective paints
      • no spray or airbrush paint
    • Brushes, rollers, or sponges to apply paint and paint trays
    • Masking tape to mark off 2-inch border from white lines and space above parking spot number
    • Chalk to sketch design on pavement
    • Broom to sweep parking spot
    • Plastic drop cloth to put under paint cans
    • Plastic containers for water, paint, and brushes
    • Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, water, snacks
    • Trash bags


    Design Criteria

    • Must be school appropriate; use your name, include your jersey number, instrument you play, sport you participate in, reflect your favorite teams, show school spirit, or favorite hobbies. Your spot should be fun and reflect who you are as a person.
      • No girlfriend/boyfriend names, nicknames must be pre-approved
      • No references to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gangs, and inappropriate behavior, etc
      • No gang-style tagging
      • No negative or rude language
      • No double meanings
    • Prohibited items will be painted over with black paint at the discretion of the administration and disciplinary action may be taken
    • Deviation or alteration from the submitted design is not permitted and can result in revocation of student parking privileges
    • Design must be approved by school administration


    Painting Tips

    • Do not paint on the white lines or parking lot curbs—tape the edges of your parking spot before painting
    • Sweep the dirt and pebbles off of the parking spot before you begin to paint
    • Use chalk to draw out your sketch
    • Start painting at the front of your spot out to the end (front bumper to back bumper) because there are others working beside you and you cannot step on their spot
    • Consider making a stencil ahead of time for lettering or detailed images to save a lot of time
    • Bring extra plastic containers (no glass) for water and brushes
    • Bring a drop cloth or plastic sheeting to put under paint cans; no paint is permitted outside of your spot
    • Limit your paint palette as quarts of paint are expensive or share colors with a friend
    • Bring a pop-up tent to stay out of the sun when you paint
    • Bring a stool, sheet of cardboard, or towel to sit on


    Small Print

    • No refunds after you have painted your spot
    • No touch-ups or repainting unless given written administrative permission
    • All student parking spots will be available for anyone to park in after school hours to include after-school activities (sports practices, games, school dances, banquets or other events)
  • Parking Calendar

    August 1—Parking Permit Registration Form/payment available to Seniors

    August 8—Parking Permit Registration Form/payment made available to student body

    August 13—Deadline for Senior Parking Spot Design Request Submissions

    August 17-18—Parking Permit and approved Senior Parking Spot Design Request submission form pick-up between 8 AM-3 PM

    August 19-20—Supervised painting of parking spots from 8 AM-1 PM