It is that time of year again! The Annual Update in the PowerSchool Parent Portal will begin soon. We need your help ensuring we have the correct information to best support your student. Updates include basic student information, family contact information, Media Release notification, Military Recruiter Opt-Out notification, and FERPA notification. 

    The Annual Update window opens at the beginning of the school year, about August 24 this year, once schedules are completed. You will know it is time to start the Annual Update when you receive the activation email from noreplyregistration@powerschool.com. This process replaces the paper forms sent home annually. This will include student information and permission forms such as: emergency contact information, transportation requests, the Code of Student Conduct Contract, the Bus Rules & Regulations Contract, the FERPA notification, the Media Release notification, Middle and High School Laptop Agreements as well as the Military Recruiter Opt-Out notification.  

    If you are new to the Powerschool Parent portalfollow the directions in this video.

    If you already have a Powerschool Parent portal account and need to add a student, follow the directions in this video.

    If you are not able to complete the process online please contact your school's front office for assistance. 

    We hope to have the Annual Updates completed by September 12, 2022. 

    Thank you for helping us support our schools!