Technical Support
  • Technical Support

    Students may request tech support using the Google form linked below or by calling the Technology Hotline at 828-350-6181.

    Students tech support request form

    Broken Chromebooks or iPad

    Please contact your school to learn when broken Chromebooks or iPads can be swapped out for a working device. 

    School Contacts



    Zscaler is our Internet Content filter. Student devices are filtered off-campus with Zscaler. This document shows students how to sign in to Zscaler. Students in grades 3 to 5 may need assistance with Zscaler. Please refer to the Zscaler How-To below.

    Common Chromebook Home Remedies 

    Resetting a Student Account on a Chromebook - this might help if a student's Google account is weird, or if Google Classroom is not available
    How to Reset Chrome - this might help if the browser seems to be an issue, this returns Chrome to the original state
    How to Powerwash a Chromebook - this erases all data on the Chromebook and resets it to factory new condition.