• IAM Account Information

    IAM (Identity and Access Management) services is a system designed to provide access to PowerSchool, Schoolnet, NC Educator Effectiveness System, and other Homebase applications. All faculty and staff are required to use their IAM account to access HomeBase applications starting July 6, 2015.
    All faculty must go to the my.ncedcloud.org website to claim their account.  The username and password from my.ncedcloud.org will be used to sign in to PowerSchool, Schoolnet, NCEES, etc July 6. 
    You will need 3 pieces of information to claim the account, your birthdate (the format is YYYYMMDD with no dashes or slashes), the 3-digit LEA Code (for ACS this is 111) and your State UID#.
    Step by step instructions to claim your account:
    1. go to my.ncedcloud.org
    2. click "Claim My Account" 
    3. provide Birthdate (in YYYYMMDD format, June 22, 1970, looks like this 19700622), LEA code "111", and your UID (this is your 10 digit PowerSchool number)
    4. enter the Captcha image text 
    5. set your initial password (note: password must be between 8 and 16 characters, and must include at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 number)
    6. answer 5 security challenge questions
    7. click next and you are done. 
    You can now use your UID and new password to sign in to HomeBase applications such as PowerSchool, Schoolnet, and NCEES. 
    You will find that when you go to PowerSchool, Schoolnet or NCEES after July 6 that you are presented with the NCEdCloud sign in screen. Sign in with the account you claimed via the process above. 

    You can find additional information here https://goo.gl/VpV0uq