Class of 2019: 2018-2019 Graduation Project Requirements for Students

    Revised in 2018, the SILSA Graduation Portfolio is required for all SILSA students and compiles the work that students do over their 4 years at SILSA. The Graduation Portfolio is created using Google Sites and includes the following components: 

    • Homepage with biography and goals 
    • Reflection of what each SILSA Graduate Outcome means to the student 
    • Artifacts and goals centered around SILSA Graduate Outcomes 
    • Resume, Academic Data, and College Preparation Reflection 
    • Service Learning Documentation 
    • Writing and Presentation Documentation over 4 years to show growth 
    • Capstone topics for required Graduation Project 

    As 9th - 11th graders, SILSA students present their Graduation Portfolios to community judges and reflect on their experiences from the school year. 9th grade students will create and develop their portfolio in their required Survivor class. 10th and 11th graders will recieve support in their SILSA classes, but will be responsible for completing portions of their portfolio on their own outside of class. Beginning with the class of 2020, 12th grade students will use this portfolio and the documented experience in their Graduation Presentation. For detailed requirements and resources, please see links below. 

    SILSA Graduation Portfolio Requirements (revised 7/2018)

    Sample SILSA Graduation Portfolio

    SILSA Graduation Portfolio Resources


SILSA Graduate Outcomes