• New Contract Employees

    Welcome to Asheville City Schools!

    Please fill out all the forms listed below, print and bring the completed documents with you.

    If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia Moore 350-6138

    Below is a check list with everything you will need to bring with you:

    ___ Valid driver’s license, or picture ID card

    ___ Social security card or a valid U.S Passport.

    ___ Work authorization document (if applicable)

    ___ Please bring a voided check for direct deposit (mandatory)

    ___ Sign-up sheet

    ___ W-4 federal tax form

    ___ Worksheet instructions for the NC-4 tax form; you have two options choose either the regular tax form or the EZ form

    ___ NC-4 state tax form

    ___ NC-4 EZ state tax form

    ___ Employee manual signature page

    ___ Employment eligibility verification form (I-9 form)

    ___ Employer or authorized representative and verification (I-9 page 2)

    ___ IT RUA form Responsible use of technology and internet safety agreement

    ___ ESRR Retirement re-employment form (must be completed by new employee)

    ___ Direct deposit form (optional please attach a check that can be voided)

    ___ ACS release form – signature page

    ___ Health examination form (will need to be completed by a Physican within 6 weeks)