• Student Parking at AHS

    ***SOLD OUT***

    **NEW FOR THIS YEAR** Parking will only be made available to Senior students for the 2023-24 school year.

    In addition, new electronic gates have been installed limiting access to the student parking lot and the Victoria Road side of campus during school hours. Students will be required to scan their parking permit to gain entry into the student lot.

    Parking permits are ONLY being sold online at: Asheville High School website, “Students” tab, “Online Payments”.

    Parking permits will be available for purchase for $100 each on August 14, 2023, and will only be distributed to seniors who meet eligibility requirements, and spaces will be unassigned. Once online payment is completed and eligibility verified, a link to the Senior Parking Registration Form will be emailed to the student's ACSgmail address.   


    Eligibility Requirements
    Parking permits will ONLY be made available to students who have:

    • No outstanding student financial obligations to their school
    • Valid "limited" or "provisional" driver's license at time of registration. Students with a "limited learner permit" are not eligible, and spaces will not be held for students who do not qualify at the time of registration.
    • Current vehicle registration
    • Proof of vehicle insurance

    Parking permits will not be issued to students that do not present required all posted documentation or meet eligibility requirements upon permit pick-up.

    Only one parking permit will be issued per student, however, students may register up to two of their family vehicles. The parking permit may be moved from one registered family vehicle to another. Current vehicle registration and proof of vehicle insurance must be presented for the alternative family vehicle as well. The main office should be notified immediately of any changes in vehicle or license plate.

    Students commuting to school who are siblings residing in the same household, both possessing a valid driver’s license, and who will take turns driving, will be designated as “carpoolers”. Each student will need to submit a separate student parking registration form. 

    Asheville High School Parking Regulations
    Parking a vehicle on school property is a privilege, not a right. Students who operate a vehicle on campus should fully understand their duties and responsibilities and are subject to any or all of the following consequences:

    • Ticketing
    • Disciplinary action
    • Revocation of parking privilege
    • Towing and storage of the vehicle, at the owner's expense
    • Criminal charges as prescribed by law

    The parking regulations listed below are in effect each school day from 7 AM until 4 PM.

    1. Parking permits must be purchased prior to parking a vehicle on campus.
    2. Current school year parking permits must be displayed from the vehicle’s rear view mirror. Vehicles that do not have parking permits displayed are subject to ticketing or wheel boot immobilization. 
    3. Students with a valid parking permit may ONLY park in the designated Student Parking Lot at the top of the hill above the Arts Building. Enter and exit this parking lot from Victoria Road.
    4. Parking permits may NOT be sold or loaned to another student for use. Parking spaces may NOT be shared by students. Violation of this policy may result in permanent loss of parking privileges for both students.
    5. Students may not park on the grass, a sidewalk, any road area, faculty parking space, or any other inappropriate parking space. 
    6. If a student's driver's license is revoked FOR ANY REASON, students must notify the school office immediately. That student's driving privileges for the AHS campus and the parking space will be revoked and the parking space resold.
    7. Student vehicles parked without a parking permit are subject to having an immobilizing wheel boot placed on their car. The fee for removing the wheel boot is $50, and must be paid before the wheel boot is removed.
    8. Vehicles should be parked front-end first. Backing into spaces is not permitted.
    9. Students using more than one space to park, or parking in an unsafe manner, will be in violation of parking regulations.
    10. Students may not leave campus for lunch.
    11. Loitering in the parking lot is prohibited. Students are to leave their vehicles immediately upon parking, and are not permitted to return to their vehicles except for departure, or have written permission from an administrator or the SRO to be in student lots during school hours. Teachers cannot give a student permission to leave the AHS campus.
    12. ACS is not responsible for damages to or theft from vehicles.
    13. Accidents on the school campus that involve a motor vehicle must be reported to the office immediately. Failure to report accidents can result in the student losing their parking privileges for the duration of the school year and/or duration of their enrollment at the school.
    14. ACS does not assume liability for any property damage to any private vehicle parked on the property. The owner/operator(s) of all private vehicles accept responsibility for their own property and agree that they are parking at their own risk.
    15. A radio, tape player, or other mechanical sound making device or instrument from within the motor vehicle cannot be louder than necessary for the convenient hearing by persons inside the vehicle in areas adjoining the school.
    16. Safe operation of motor vehicles on campus is required. Unsafe acts (i.e. riding on car hoods, bumpers, radiators, fenders, spinning wheels, burning rubber, running board, etc.) will result in suspension of parking privileges.
    17. No student is allowed to ride in the back of a pick-up or flat-bed truck.
    18. Students who drive and park vehicles on school grounds are subject to all traffic laws and school rules. Vehicles must not travel in excess of 10 miles per hour.
    19. Students with 10 unexcused absences, 10 truancies, or discipline issues may have their parking privileges suspended or revoked until such issues are resolved.
    20. Vehicles may NOT be left on campus overnight unless prior permission has been granted. Towing should be arranged by the student for disabled vehicles.
    21. The main office should be notified immediately of any changes in vehicle or license plate.
    22. Lost parking permits will be replaced for a $10 fee. Report losses to the main office.
    23. Handicapped parking is available as needed on an assigned basis only.
    24. Use of expired or falsified parking permits is prohibited.
    25. Any student found to be duplicating or falsifying a parking permit is subject to disciplinary action.
    26. Per ACS School Board Policies 4320 and 7250, possession and/or use of tobacco products is prohibited on campus, including in student vehicles.
    27. Student vehicles are subject to search and seizure per ACS School Board Policy 4342.

    Disciplinary Actions for Parking Violations
    Failure to follow the rules will result in the following consequences:

    1st Offense

    $10 fine

    2nd Offense

    $15 fine, referral 

    3rd Offense


    $25 fine, referral, loss of parking privilege for one week; student's car may be immobilized with a wheel boot

    4th Offense





    Loss of parking privilege for remainder of the year and the parking space resold with no refund to the offending student. Additionally, the vehicle may be immobilized with a wheel boot or towed away and stored at the owner's expense. If the vehicle is immobilized with a wheel boot, there is a $50 fine which must be paid to the school treasurer before the boot will be removed.


    Parking fines not paid within THREE school days will result in the doubling of the fine and loss of parking privilege until the fine is paid in full.

    Parking permit fees will not be prorated or refunded if student parking privileges are revoked. Students who have had their parking privileges revoked WILL NOT be able to have this privilege reinstated until the following school year and upon administration approval.

    If the vehicle is operated and/or parked in the parking lot after parking privileges for that student have been suspended by the principal or his designee, the car may be towed away at owner’s expense.

    Parking Permit Pickup
    Parking permits will be available for pick up in the main office at Asheville High School on August 24 and 25, 2023 from 9 AM to 3 PM. Required documentation must be presented at time of parking permit pick up.

  • Parking Permit - Important Dates

    August 14—Parking Permit Online payment system available to Seniors

    August 24 & 25—Parking Permit pick-up in main office