• The Mission of the Parent Teacher Collective is to support Asheville Primary students and staff, deepen the connection between home, school, and community through parent engagement, and enhance the school environment through volunteer and financial support.



  • Connect with the PTC


    Want to connect with the PTC? Contact PTC Faculty Lead Polly Bolding: polly.bolding@ashevillecityschools.net.

    PTC meeting and opportunities to support our school will be shared via the weekly APS Family Connection email.

  • About the Parent Teacher Collective (PTC)

    Why a Collective and not a PTO? 

    • It puts the focus on community.  (Word origins include ‘representing many individuals’ and ‘gathered together.’)
    • It can encompass the wide range of support goals for our school, such as volunteerism, classroom support, equity work, fundraising, outdoor learning, family events, parent workshops, teacher appreciation, and participation in school and district decision-making.
    • It comes without the preconceptions of the standard “PTO” term.
    • It aligns with the learning environments we see in Montessori and high quality early childhood classrooms, as well as inclusive, purposeful community groups:

    One Montessori researcher explains “the child can be seen as a motivated doer in a research university, rather than an empty vessel in a factory”: pursuing their own projects, choosing what they want to learn about based on their interests, getting lessons across the curricula (like researchers attending seminars), collaborating with colleagues, and sharing their learning with others.  An alternate parallel would be “purpose-driven” church committee structures, organized around the gifts of their members.  We want a parent teacher group that fosters both community and independence, and allows our parents and faculty to volunteer their time with projects that they are passionate about.

    Current PTC priorities are Family Engagement, Enrichment, Advocacy, Fundraising, and Teacher Support and Appreciation, and Equity.