• The Mission of the Parent Teacher Collective is to support Asheville Primary students and staff, deepen the connection between home, school, and community through parent engagement, and enhance the school environment through volunteer and financial support.



  • Connect with the PTC!

    Save the Date for Monthly Meetings: Second Tuesday of the Month, 5:30-7:00

    Dinner and are childcare provided.  Meeting format: community building activities, school updates, and share outs from PTC subcommittees for feedback, decision making, and next steps for moving the group forward and supporting our school.  All families are invited!

    The first PTC meeting this school year is September 11.  We hope to see you there!

    If you can't make it to the monthly meetings, but would like to be added to the PTC email group or a particular subcommittee, contact Polly Bolding: polly.bolding@ashevillecityschools.net.

  • 2017-2018 Highlights

    Fall 2017 Highlights

    September’s Ice Cream Social, October’s Fall Festival & Tree Party, Winter Warmer Clothing Assistance, and the first Dine Out for Asheville Primary at Sunny Point Cafe!

    Spring 2018 Highlights

    Teachers Needs Assessment, Monthly Dine Out for Asheville Primary at Haywood Rd restaurants, Community Family Dance Party Fundraiser at the Mothlight, Teacher Appreciation Week,  Monthly Parent Coffees in partnership with PennyCup, Primary Planning and Expension Family Survey, Dad and Kids Field Day, Summer Kickoff event, and the first Asheville Primary School t-shirts!

  • PTC Subcommittees and Leadership

    2018 Subcommittees and Leaders

    PTC Treasurer: Stacy Claude, stacyclaude@gmail.com

    PTC Faculty Lead: Polly Bolding, polly.bolding@ashevillecityschools.net, 828-350-2926

    The PTC advisory council is made up of 1-2 members from each PTC subcommittee, with additional officers as needed and approved by the PTC, who agree to serve a minimum term of one year.  In addition to parent representatives, the advisory council includes the Principal or her designee, the School Improvement Team faculty representative, and school Enrollment and Engagement Coordinator, acting as PTC faculty lead and volunteer coordinator. The advisory council meets quarterly or as needed to support PTC operations and oversight.  2018 advisory council members include: Parents - Stacy Claude, Jenny Westrick, Jessica deBettencourt, Laura D'Angelo, Claire Fontana, Natanya Taylor, Adrienne Ammerman and Faculty - Polly Bolding, Lauren Evans, and Katrina Dean.

    Ongoing Planning for PTC Structure

    Parent leaders are identified as needed for working committees and collaborate with faculty leads, with room for new parents and faculty to provide leadership based on their interest and talents.  Currently we’re pursuing a “collective leadership” approach for shared group leadership and decision-making. Hallmarks of collective leadership:

    • Requires connecting people within diversity.
    • Shapes the way audiences view their work and how they perceive themselves and others, and how they understand leadership itself.
    • Commits to taking up leadership at all levels by people from all backgrounds, with varying perspectives and expertise.
    • Can combine directive behaviors and collaborative approaches.
    • Aims to transgress boundaries that are often taken for granted.

    (NYU Wagner, https://wagner.nyu.edu/leadership/research/projects/coleadnet)

  • About the Parent Teacher Collective (PTC)

    Asheville Primary places a high priority on parent engagement at the individual level, through regular staff-parent communication and collaboration focused on the whole child, and an emphasis on partnering with all families. We also look forward to growing our school through expanded parent leadership.  The Parent Teacher Collective is a new family and faculty group to support our students and teachers, raise funds, and build community.  

     Why a Collective and not a PTO? 

    • It puts the focus on community.  (Word origins include ‘representing many individuals’ and ‘gathered together.’)
    • It can encompass the wide range of support goals for our school, such as volunteerism, classroom support, equity work, fundraising, outdoor learning, family events, parent workshops, teacher appreciation, and participation in school and district decision-making.
    • It comes without the preconceptions of the standard “PTO” term.
    • It aligns with the learning environments we see in Montessori and high quality early childhood classrooms, as well as inclusive, purposeful community groups:

    One Montessori researcher explains “the child can be seen as a motivated doer in a research university, rather than an empty vessel in a factory”: pursuing their own projects, choosing what they want to learn about based on their interests, getting lessons across the curricula (like researchers attending seminars), collaborating with colleagues, and sharing their learning with others.  An alternate parallel would be “purpose-driven” church committee structures, organized around the gifts of their members.  We want a parent teacher group that fosters both community and independence, and allows our parents and faculty to volunteer their time with projects that they are passionate about.

    PTC priorities include:

    • Recruitment of parent leaders, such as PTC leaders, room parents, and lead volunteers for school projects and committees
    • Regular communication to keep all families informed of school activities, plans, and volunteer opportunities
    • Regular meetings to involve families in school planning and decision-making
    • Planning, implementing, and evaluating structures that promote inclusive parent leadership and involvement, with a diverse representation of our families.

    Contact Polly Bolding for details: polly.bolding@ashevillecityschools.net or 828.350.2926.