• About Ira B. Jones Elementary School

  • Global Scholars ∼ "Learning with the world, not just about it!"

    Ira B. Jones Elementary School of Global Scholars provides a curriculum that incorporates service learning, 21st Century Skills, environmental stewardship, multicultural awareness, and technology integration. Coherent content integration, including information skills, visual arts, music, and geography, are guided by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

    We seek opportunities for grade levels to bring global perspectives to their classrooms while learning with the world, not just about it. Understanding the 3 C’s of globalization cooperation, communication, and competition will be integrated into the aligned framework for each grade level through multiculturalism, arts, and academics. Our goal is to prepare students for secondary education, post-secondary education, and the ability to “thrive” in the 21st century.

    Vision Statement

    At Ira B. Jones, the Global Scholars Magnet Theme inspires students to take an active, hands-on role in our changing world. Its pillars are service work, a celebration of world cultures, environmental stewardship, technology, and skills for the new century.

    Mission Statement

    The Ira B. Jones learning community is committed to empowering students to become highly successful global citizens.

    Our learners develop 21st century life skills by becoming:

    • Collaborative workers
    • Responsible world citizens
    • Problem solvers
    • Creative individuals
    • Effective communicators