• Asheville City Board of Education Attendance Policy 4400

    • According to this policy, students have 5 school days to turn in notes for excused absences. 


    What to do if...

    My student is absent?

    A phone call is not necessary. Students should bring a written note to the office from their parent when they return to school or parents can email wendy.matayabas@acsgmail.net. The note should include the student’s name, the reason for absence, date of absence, parent name & signature, phone, and email address. Please make sure all notes are legible!

    My student is tardy with an approved excuse? 

    Students should report to the SILSA office with a note from a parent or doctor. 

    My student is less than 30 minutes tardy unexcused? 

    Students should report directly to class. The teacher will record the unexcused tardy. If more than 30 minutes tardy (or 1/3 of class-time), students should report to the office to check-in and receive a pass to class.

    My student has a doctor's appointment and will be leaving school early?  

    Students should report to the SILSA office before 8:30 with the parent note listing the student's name, time for early dismissal, reason, parent name & signature, and contact information.  The note will be verified and the student will receive a pass for early dismissal. If the note is verified, the parent is welcome in the office but it is not required. The student can meet you in front of the school at the designated time.

    My student has a doctor's appointment and I forgot to send a note or my student is sick and will be dismissed early? 

    Students must have written parent permission for early dismissal. The parent should come to the SILSA office to sign-out their student. There is short-term visitor parking in front of the school.

    Attendance questions?

    Wendy Matayabas