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    The mission of the Vance Parent Team is to support and advocate for the success of our students through developing community partnerships, ensuring educational excellence, and promoting responsible lifestyles. 

    Vance Parent Team is a 501c3 non-profit. 

    Visit the Vance Parent Team Website for the most current news and information!

    Here is a summary of the basic information


    Our Officers for 2017-18
    Chair- Rachel Figura
    Finance Directors- Marrisa Brooks and Katherine Ray
    Communications Director- Cathy Nichols
    SIT representative- Rachel Flaherty
    Contact us:  vanceparentteam@gmail.com
    Here are some of the ways we support Vance...
    • Offer after school enrichment classes
    • Support the Vance Peace Garden Coordinator
    • Offer mini grants for staff
    • Host the Vance Craft Explosion, Rocket Run, West Asheville Carnival, Fall and Spring Plant sale
    • Raise funds for various programs
    • Teacher appreciation week

    The Vance Parent Team is an active group of parents and faculty members working together to provide quality education for our children. Vance welcomes and encourages all parents to volunteer and participate at Parent Team meetings. Vance feels that parents are the key to better schools. Here are a few examples of how you, as a parent, can be involved at home or at school to benefit your child:

    At Home

    • Each day, ask your child to tell you three things they learned at    school.
    • Arrange a study time/place in your home for your child to use on  a daily basis.
    • Expect your child to complete homework assignments on time.
    • Help your child when necessary by making sure that the  requirements are understood and by helping to gather necessary  resource materials. 
    • Use family time to discuss careers. It is never too early for  children to begin thinking about careers and the education  requirements.
    • Let your child know that you value education.
    • Let your child see you read books, magazines, and    newspapers. Children need role models more than critics. You  are your child’s best role model.

     At School
    • Attend school activities (especially those involving your child).

    • Volunteer at your child’s school.
    • Become an active member of the Parent Team.
    • Assist with school extra-curricular activities.
    • Convey to your child the importance of doing his or her best during state testing.


    Meetings are on the 2nd Th/Fri of the month 5:30-6:30pm/8:00-9:00am in the Vance Planetoreum. Meeting dates are:

    Sept. 14th - 5:30pm

    Oct. 13th-8:00am





    Mar. 8th-5:30pm

    April 13th-8:00am

    May 11th-8:00am

    Tuesday June 5th-5:30pm