• What does a meeting of Marvelous Math Club look like?

    Original: "We also have a computer lab where members can log into their iReady account (which Asheville City School uses for homework assignments, material review and academic activities." 
    New: "We have laptops which members can use to complete online math assignments, review material, and play math games."
    Original: "The last portion of the meeting is reserved for everyone to gather at the main table."
    New: "During the last portion of the meeting, Leaders and Champions gather in a circle for reflection."
    Who is involved in Marvelous Math Club?
    Original: "and Natalie Sheppard, AmeriCorps VISTA member" 
    New: "and AmeriCorps VISTA members"
    How are members recognized for participation?
    "Members earn ICAN stickers when they...
    • Attend
    • Bring a friend
    • Wear their Marvelous Math Club T-Shirt
    Every ten stickers they earn a prize. When they have attended five times they get a t-shirt."