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Reporting an Absence

Please download the Parent Square app to report FULL DAY absences. The Google form is no longer used. This app is how ACS communicates ABSENCES, bus changes, special events, and so much more. Teachers also use Parent Square to share important class information.

When a student is absent, you will receive an email/text at the end of the class they are absent from. Please click on the link provided to report the absence (you do not need to call attendance). Once you do this and the absence is coded, you will not receive any more emails/texts for the day.

To report a student's late arrival or early dismissal, email and provide the student's name, the date, the time of dismissal, the reason for the late arrival/early dismissal and if the student will be returning to school. 

All absences, tardies and early dismissals must be submitted in a digital format via email or Parent Square. We no longer accept hand written notes. If you need help, please ask your student how to load the app. This can be done on the student's computer.