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State Champions!!

On Friday, February 26th, our Robotics team competed virtually in the 2021 North Carolina Elementary VEX IQ State Championship.  The team qualified for this event by winning events throughout the school year, receiving qualifying judged awards at those events, keeping a thorough engineering notebook (80+ pages), and consistently posting high robot skills scores.  As a result of many hours of hard work, countless Google Meets, practicing in garages, and dedication to the program, HFE Robotics was awarded the Excellence Award and the Innovate Award at the State Championship. They also had the 2nd highest robot skills score at the event but finished the season with the highest score in the state (earned at a previous event).  The Excellence Award is the highest overall award given at an event.  It is given to a team that exemplifies overall excellence in building a high-quality robotics program. The team is a strong contender in numerous award categories.  Receiving the Excellence Award at the State Championship officially receives the title of "State Champions".  This is one of the most prestigious distinctions that can be given to a robotics team, program, and school at any level. The Innovate Award is presented to a team with the most effective and efficient design process.  This is a fundamental concept behind Hall Fletcher's STEAM program: learning through the design process.
This team now qualifies for the 2021 VEX IQ Robotics World Championship.  The event, normally held in Dallas, Texas will be virtual this year and will take place in May.  The team will compete virtually with champions and high level award winners from all 50 states and from around the world.
Season Accomplishments:
3x Excellence Award (including State Championship)
2x Innovate Award  (including State Championship)
Robot Skills Champion
Think Award
Sportsmanship Award