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A Message From Dr. Denise Patterson Regarding Student Safety

This is Dr. Denise Patterson, the Superintendent of Asheville City Schools with an update.


I am heartbroken to hear that a North Carolina student has died from gun violence this morning in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.  Our thoughts are with the parents, family and friends of the student who passed away.


This is a sad day for school districts across North Carolina.  We must work together to ensure our buildings are safe for our students, staff, visitors and volunteers.


Please know that your students are very safe when they enter each building of Asheville City schools.


We strive to always remain vigilant and to maintain a high state of readiness on each school campus.


Fire drills, tornado drills, perimeter lockdowns, full lockdowns, and evacuations are all safety drills currently in place. All students, staff and visitors are required to participate in these drills.


We strive to make sure that our school buildings are safe so that our students and staff can learn, discover, and thrive.


Please know that safety is our top priority. Thank you.