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Asheville City's MSA Leadership Capacity Program

Our students aren’t the only ones hitting the books; in fact, a group of Asheville City Schools educators is participating in a Master’s of School Administration Leadership Capacity Program.

     Led by ACS Assistant Superintendent Dr. Terrence McAllister, they’re working through John C. Maxwell’s “The 21 Indispensable Qualities Of A Leader.”

During their November 29th meeting, they discussed the difference between leading and managing a school building, specifically through the lens of character, charisma and commitment.

     Additionally, each attendee discussed why they want to grow in their leadership role as well as why they’re passionate about their students.

     Congratulations to our 10 participating teachers: Asheville High School’s Jacqueline Brown, Asheville Middle School’s Jo Landreth, Dana Keupp and Sara Monson, Asheville Primary School’s Susanna Smith, Claxton Elementary School’s Rebecca Wertheim, Hall Fletcher Elementary’s Jerad Crave and Libba Quinn, Isaac Dickson Elementary School’s Marti Sullivan as well as Vance Elementary School’s Paul Garrity