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Taking A Hands On Approach to the Next Level!

Now, this is what we call a hands-on approach to education! Sure; they’ve been back in the classroom for less than a month, but already students in Mr. Randall’s Asheville High School Woodworking I Class are in the process of carving spoons.

“We learned the basics, like how to nail and how to saw, but then we got to jump right in,” said Liby Anschel, an 11th Grader at SILSA. “It’s a super hands-on course that lets you be as creative as you want to be.”

In addition to making spoons, students will have the opportunity to make cutting boards, a project that seems a bit more challenging to tackle according to AHS Senior, Levi Meier.

“I’m excited for and a little scared about the cutting boards. They look really complicated, but I know a lot of people who have been in woodworking and it looks pretty fun.”

Woodworking is just one of the 15 Career & Technical Education clusters Asheville City Schools offers, which are each dedicated to exposing students to potential careers before they even leave high school.