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A Message From Dr. Bobbie Short

On Tuesday evening, September 17th, we received a report from the Asheville Police Department that an alleged sexual assault had occurred earlier that afternoon on the campus of Asheville High/SILSA.

Anytime students are involved in alleged assaults the matter is investigated in tandem with law enforcement and steps are taken to 1) ensure the safety of all students, as needed and 2) to take disciplinary action against the students involved including removal from the school environment when warranted.

The Asheville Police Department is the sole investigator for the incident. We are cooperating with them in what is the very early stages of this ongoing investigation.

Administrators at Asheville High School, SILSA and Central Office met and implemented several steps to further enhance student safety throughout the campus, which is always our number one priority.

Although we cannot discuss specific student matters per federal law, we can reassure parents that this was an isolated incident that did not involve staff members and we know of no current safety threat or concern for students at Asheville High School and SILSA.

Asheville High School and SILSA will continue to make student safety a priority and we encourage students and parents to notify the school anytime they have concerns.

Asheville City Schools takes student safety very seriously. Anytime we believe students could be at risk for any reason we will act decisively and notify families immediately. We want our students and families to know that we have no on-going concerns about student safety at Asheville High School.