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Claxton Educators Receive #TheACSWay Awards

During the February Board of Education Meeting, we also honored two Claxton Elementary School educators who constantly go above and beyond. Truly, they have their students’ best interests at heart. And, their dedication is an excellent example of #TheACSWay!

Mrs. Chaunda Robinson is a 1st Grade Instructional Assistant extraordinaire known for building a strong community with high expectations every year with her students! A visitor to her classroom will almost always see her working in small groups so that her students can reach their individual academic goals. Mrs. Robinson is also a bus driver and constantly strives to have meaningful relationships with her students and their parents. She goes out of her way to ensure each student who rides her bus is as prepared as possible for school each and every day.

Similarly, Mrs. Mary Tasker is a 4th and 5th Grade Claxton Exceptional Children’s Teacher who continuously strives to create an amazing culture of acceptance and support. According to Interim Principal Mary Nichols, “we see students who truly flourish in her classroom. And, when anyone visits her classroom - whether it be a fellow student or adult - one of her 4th or 5th Graders always joyfully welcomes them in to join in the lessons.” Additionally, Mrs. Tasker always volunteers to help, whether it's with covering a duty or administering a make-up test.

Thank you for your dedication to both the Claxton and Cougar Family, ladies. You make us proud to be part of Asheville City Schools. Congratulations!