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Lisa Mills Receives Tracy Lee Calhoun Memorial Award for School Bus Safety

Did you know that approximately 2,500 Asheville City Schools students ride a bus either to or from school on any given day? 

Clearly, our bus drivers have a tremendous responsibility and deserve recognition for the awesome duty they face. 

Ms. Lisa Mills has not only been a bus driver for 19 years but also serves as a custodian at Asheville Middle School.  And, this year, she represents the district as our winner for the Tracy Lee Calhoun Memorial Award for School Bus Safety. 

The award was created 39 years ago by the North Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association to recognize school bus drivers who’ve made a significant impact to school bus safety throughout the state.  The award was established in honor of Tracy Lea Calhoun, a 17-year-old who lost her life when a school bus ran a stop sign in Raleigh and hit her car.  She was on her way to her part-time job at an oil company. 

Thank you to Asheville Oil Company / Smoky Mountain Heating and Air for presenting this award.  And, thank you to Ms. Mills for continuously ensuring our students arrive to and from school safely!