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NC Teacher of the Year Visits Asheville City Schools

A wonderful day with a wonderful educator! Asheville City Schools was honored to have the 2021 North Carolina Teacher of the Year, Eugenia Floyd, visit the district last week.
     Floyd, along with Dr. Gene, Melissa Hedt, Western Region Teacher of the Year and Ira B. Jones 3rd Grade Teacher Susanna Cerrato, Asheville City Schools’ 2022 Teacher of the Year David Kotchmar and others had the opportunity to tour Ira B. Jones Elementary and the high school campus.
     A 4th Grade educator, Floyd said it was “great to be at [Ira B. Jones] because that’s my domain. I just loved the community happening in the classrooms” and was interested in hearing more about the math and ELA curriculums. 

     When touring the Asheville High School and School of Inquiry and Life Sciences at Asheville (SILSA) campus, Floyd especially enjoyed visiting the Culinary Department. “One student told me he just really loves to cook, and that’s great; we want them to bring all of who they are in the classroom every day,” she said. 

     Along with the Regional Teachers of the Year, Floyd says she’s been looking for ways to reach out and make connections to districts across North Carolina. Her stop at Asheville City Schools marked the 31st district she’s visited since the 2021-2022 school year began.