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2022 Evening of Excellence

Asheville City Schools recognized exemplary performances from our educators during the May 19th Evening of Excellence. In fact, our 2021, 2022 and 2023 Teachers of the Year were honored for making our classrooms come alive day in and day out.
2021: Michelle Greener, Tina Harris, Mitzi Levering, Daniel Withrow and Susanna Cerrato
2022: Sarah Duffer, Leah Kiell, Kaysee Grogan, Beth Mayberry, Beth Kickert, Karen Brown-Thompson, Nikki Bush, Dina Wilson, Norma Hawes and David Kotchmar
2023: Dan Coleman, Amy Sheeler, Craig Shimer, Mary Aldridge, Michelle Burge, Stephen Hitcho, Jodi Antinori, Kaitlyn Peeples, Susan Hale and Brian Bilich
Copland Rudolph, the Asheville City Schools Foundation’s Executive Director, also presented each teacher with a check for $500.
“My hope is that ACSF will create a culture of abundance by not only raising money but by focusing on assets, on possibility and on being a non-anxious presence in the arena with you,” she said. “But, money is good too. So, in the spirit of abundance, and in honor of your extraordinary courage and vulnerability and love, ACSF is gifting each of you $500 to take care of yourselves this summer.”
Although Rudolph recognized that most of our staff will use the money to buy books for their classroom while Mr. Coleman will buy $500 worth of stickers and Mr. Bilich $500 worth of snacks, she stressed that this money was a true token of appreciation and could be used just for them.
“Use it to take good care of yourselves this summer,” said Rudolph.