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W-2 Form Information for Staff

This year the 2022 W-2's will be available electronically in TimeKeeper (LINQ) and will be accessible on 1/31/23.  
Please note: You will NOT receive a paper W-2 via postal mail.
If you would like a paper copy for your records, you have the option to print your W-2 from TimeKeeper.
To view/print your 2022 W-2, please follow the steps below:
Accessing TimeKeeper:
  • Enter the Employee Number in the Employee Number field. 
  • Click Enter.
  • Enter the employee’s PIN Number in the PIN number field.
  • Click Enter.
Once you've logged in using your employee number and pin number you will see the following menu on the left hand side of your screen.
  • In the Menu under "Inquiries", select "Print W2s"
After clicking  "Print W2s", you will see a list of all accessible W2's (Once W2s are complete and loaded into TimeKeeper, the "Tax Year" will reflect 2022) 
  • Click "View" next to the applicable year to view/print your W-2
Should you have any issues accessing the TimeKeeper system or your W-2, please reach out to your school's Bookkeeper for assistance.