Week of Sept. 29, 2014

Posted by S. Davis on 10/9/2014 3:46:13 PM

This week Mr. Ray is taking on the class full time. I will still be here, most days, and will be working with small groups and putting my two cents in, but for the next three weeks Mr. Ray will be giving the main instruction. I am looking forward to observing some other classes, doing some research on closing the achievement gap, helping Mr. Johnson and Mr. Emry dig into some data and helping the School Improvement Team write the School Improvement Plan. Having a student teacher is a brand new experience for me and giving up control might be hard at times, but I know Mr. Ray will do a great job.

•Field trip to the Bebe Theatre this Thursday for fable musicals. If you haven’t done so already get that field trip form in and $5. If I haven’t received your form yet I’m sending another home today to the following students: Matthew, Ian, Chris
•I will be off campus this Friday writing the School Improvement Plan. There will be a substitute, but Mr. Ray will be here running the class.
•Your student might be asking if they can bring pebbles to school. We are collecting 1,000 pebbles to work on counting large numbers, adding large numbers and grasping the idea of what 1,000 of something looks like.

This week in:
Math: adding and subtracting triple digit numbers and collecting 1,000 pebbles.
Language Arts: Connecting with characters in our reading.
Fundations: suffixes
Science: The class will be with Mrs. Reeser learning about the life cycle of plants
Writing: Modeling the writing procedure

From the media center:
Hey everyone,
A long term goal I have for the library is to create centers in the library that students can visit during their lunch time. One of the centers I would like to plan is called Lego poetry and uses Lego Duplo blocks. If anyone has any that are just sitting around the house they would like to donate, I need bunches and bunches! Also, for those of you who send home newsletters or email families, I would love to get this need out to our larger school community.
Many thanks!
Crystal Hendrix, NBCT

From 4th Grade:
Drink Coffee? Want to support Isaac Dickson Fourth Graders and their Sound to Sea Field Trip? Stop by the office to purchase your super- cool -artsy coffee mug! Made by Freeman Clayworks- Andrea Freeman. She has agreed to give $10.00 of the proceeds from each mug to help fund the Fourth Grade Sound to Sea Field Trip. Each Mug costs $20.00 and a guarantee that your coffee will taste better coming from such a pretty mug!

From the office:
Please communicate to parents:

If you DID NOT receive your picture order, there was a camera malfunction (apparently Mr. Johnson broke the lens 